To love something... to love someone
What is love?
Sudden love.. lots of love.. love is a joy
I love his touch.. I love his tenderness
I love when he treats me as I wish
Coincidence love.. I love cause it's so spontaneous
A blossom love
Love as a friend.. intimate love
But I prefer different kind of love
Blossom love.. lots of love
I love you more and more
I love going out with you
I love holding your hand
I love being alone with you..
Kind of love that different from other
Love that special... And you are the one I like the most
Love him being gentle.. love him being outspoken
therfore, I'd love to say.. I love you
I love you.. my most love one
Do you love me?
Love after all.. truly love.. Do you love me?
Walk on and on in love
Love all the time
This is love.. but
Wonderful love.. truly love
But.. this is a very private love
Love makes me know a lot
Love makes me thing 'bout everything..
this feeling...
That's why I love you


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